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Updated: 01/21/18
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Meeting Agendas
The Arizona open meeting law requires agendas for Regular Board Meetings and Special Board Meetings be posted a minimum of 24 hours in advance. As a general rule, the Black Canyon City Water Improvement District (BCCWID) publicly posts each Regular Board Meeting notice a week in advance. This earlier notification has been established to not only inform the Public in accordance with the law, but to give the Public ample time to contact Board members or Management with any questions, concerns, or comments prior to the meeting and possible Board action.

Public notices for the Black Canyon City Water Improvement District (BCCWID) are posted at the following locations:

BCC Post Office: 19060 E. K-Mine Rd., Black Canyon City, AZ
BCCWID Office: 34501 S. Old Black Canyon Highway - #6, Black Canyon City, AZ
This website:

While somewhat informal, the Board Meetings generally follow the commonly accepted Roberts Rules of Order. The meetings are recorded for transcribing purposes and it is important that only one person speak at a time. Any Public participation needs to be acknowledged by the Chair so the floor can be yielded to that person. The person should then state his or her name for the record and whether they are an Owner or User. When finished with the question or comment, the floor is yielded back to the Chair.

Prior to November 2014 Meetings were held on the third Thursday of the month. They are currently held on the Fourth Tuesday of the month at the Black Canyon City Library from 5:45 - 6:50 PM and will continue to be until further notice,

Meeting Notices: