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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • What are the BCCWID office hours?

    Although there are no set hours, typically the office is open 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM weekdays. However there are times it is open earlier and times it is open later, in which case it may be closed for lunch. When closed, water users can make check payments, utilizing the standpipe/dropbox located in the Parking lot near the street and under the large tree. If you have a cash payment the best advice is to convert it to a money order at the Post Office before using the standpipe/dropbox. You can always call the office at (623) 374-9408 and set up a time if paying in person is important to you. Scheduling an appointment is also possible with the phone number above (there is an answering system).

  • Who can the BCCWID recommend to repair water leaks?

    The District does not make recommendations and suggests owner/users contact a plumber of their choice from the phone book or internet.

  • Do you help with water leaks?

    The district is responsible for the water mains up to your meter. Anything after the meter is the homeowner's responsibility (See Troubleshooting).

  • My water bill is too high, how do I know my meter reading is correct?

    If you believe your meter has been read incorrectly, please call the office at (623) 374-9408. The district will do a re-read, and if an error has been made and the new reading is lower, a corrected invoice will be generated. If this reading is higher it confirms the original reading was correct and additional use has occurred since that reading. You can calculate your own bill by reading your meter monthly, determining your monthly use, and using the billing rate table that appears in Ordinance Update 5/22/14.

  • How safe is my water?

    Very safe! It meets or exceeds all State and Federal safe drinking water standards. A Consumer Confidence Report and BCCWID Customer Letter for each of the years 2006-2014 can be found at the FYI link on the District website. These documents show all test results for minerals and other contaminants and include information about any violations. The Federal Government tightened allowable arsenic levels in domestic water systems several years ago. To meet these new requirements the District installed both arsenic and chlorine treatment at all well sites in 2006 at a cost of approximately $600,000.00. For further information, please visit the website and read about Our system.

  • Where does the water come from?

    The BCCWID water source includes a three well sites (Big John, GOA, and Oasis) with two wells at each site, pumping at approximately 25 foot depths from the Agua Fria aquifer. For more information, visit the District website

  • Are private wells legal?

    Providing there is no property deed or governmental restriction, there is nothing in the District Ordinance that prevents a property owner from having a private well. There are a number of private wells within the District, all totally unregulated. It should be noted that most Arizona wells, including those around Black Canyon City, would need arsenic treatment to comply with Federal drinking water standards. More information can be found at Other Concerns link on the District website and the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) website.

  • What are the accepted methods of payment?

    Cash, check, or money order at this time. Please do not use cash for the standpipe/dropbox, checks or money order only.

  • Why is two-thirds of Black Canyon City served by a water district and not a private water company?

    Almost 30 years ago property owners in the District were served by a private water company but the majority desired reliable water service and decided to purchase that company and create a Water District with an elected Board to administrate. This is not unusual and many small towns in Arizona needing water, sewer, or fire protection create Districts to supply these services. The establishment of water Districts in rural areas is covered in the Arizona Revised Statutes.

  • How do I know if I have a faulty meter and who is responsible?

    Faulty water meters are very unusual and when a problem occurs a water meter usually reads lower than actual use. All water users have the right to request a meter verification by an independent meter company but if the result is the meter reads within specification or low then the requester has to pay the verification fee. If the meter reads out of specification high, then it will be replaced at no charge to the owner/user and an adjustment will be made. Before requesting a meter verification, please visit the troubleshooting website for possible high water bill causes.

  • How much time is allocated for the Public Call during a BCCWID board meeting?

    The purpose of a BCCWID Board meeting is to finish the District business in the hour available. Public Call is not mandatory; however, a few minutes are usually available after each meeting. Owner/users are welcome to approach Board members or Management at any time and ask to be placed on a future agenda. A written request regarding the issue/question is required and Board discussion will be limited to that issue. Information regarding BCCWID board meetings can be found at Meeting Agendas and the Arizona Public Meeting Laws can be found in the Arizona Open Meeting Law 101, Chapter 7, section 7-10-1

  • Do you provide level billing, or automatic payment? If not, why not?

    No. The District software does not have this capability.

  • Why are some of the District's penalties so high?

    The purpose of any penalty is to recover any costs associated with the problem and attempt to obtain future compliance. Not unreasonably, the approximately 800 complying owner/users expect other's billings to be paid on time and any checks taken to be good. The $15 late fees (30-50 owner/users per month) and the $25 returned check fees (6 total last year) create a reasonable compliance level. Any resulting penalty income goes to the District general fund.

  • Where and When are the District Board Meetings?

    Board meetings are held at the Black Canyon City Public Library on the fourth Tuesday of every month except June and August. The meetings are limited to one hour and begin at 5:45 PM. The agenda is posted at least 24 hours before each meeting in the Post Office and on the District website.

  • What is the process for selecting Board Members?

    There are five board members elected at two year intervals for four year terms (two or three members at alternate elections). Candidates for a Board position must be registered voters and live within or own property within the District to qualify. When a Board member is unable to continue service, the Board posts a request for applicants and selects a replacement from those available. These Board positions have been voluntary (unpaid) for more than 15 years.

  • If I can't find answers to my questions on the website, what do I do?

    If you then have any questions or comments please feel free to contact any Board Member or the District's Management Company (American Country Homes) office staff.